Essay about Racial Slurs And Poor Judgement

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There is strong and then there is Army strong” (Army, 1). The quote that inspires millions, yet does not exclude racial slander and poor judgement. Even though millions of people go and risk for life 's to be a part of our nation 's greatest, they are still not exception to racial slurs and humiliating ways of life. Many have gone through being a part of the military, and finding out that what is been on the outside as a civilian is still on the inside as a fighter for our country. The judgment basis of what is happened throughout the years and will depend on what we think and the way we treat others. Starting back as early as the American Revolution, we find racism is becoming similar to what has happened before and now in present times. Many great people have fought for our rights, and there were some who did not have rights themselves.
Krewasky A. Salter in, Combat Multipliers: African American Soldiers in Four Wars, describes how many African slaves were treated, starting with the Revolutionary War. He begins by explaining why we had the American Revolution, to get away from Great Brit and not be a state of “taxation without representation.” Salter says, “ on 5 March 1770, when British soldiers and British captain Thomas Preston rushed in, taking Street in Boston, Massachusetts to call a crowd of “motley” and “saucy” boys angry over the treatment of a colonial boy, by British soldiers. When the British soldiers arrived, they were met by the growing crowd led by Crispus…

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