Racial Segregation And The Civil War Essay examples

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In the years after the civil war, American still had a lot of problems with segregation between white and color, especially in the South. Even though the slavery is abolished, the discrimination still not ending. White still found their way to continued making the law to separate Africa-America from them. Africa- America who had live in southern stare doesn’t have equal right as white. White had dominated most of the place and there a little world for Color’s man. Such as both have the right to own business but White is more advanced and only White could use it. Also, they have to use water filter separately. If color people get paid one buck an hour the white get paid triple than them. White still think they were the main people than color and hate to accept them in their community. Most of the place where color people live were where the place that had to be repaired and deserve to be abandoned.
When the law passes the 13th and 14th amendments which were abolished slavery and all people who are born in America are freemen. Color people started to get treated equally as white. But that all change when Jim crow law, “separate but equal” came up. Color people can not go to school together with white. As the increase arises of Jim crow law, Africa- America people also fight their way to stop the discrimination. Many of educating Africa –America people and some other White try to make a movement about this unjust treatment. They want to make a change. They want all people…

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