Racial Segregation And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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From a “necessary evil” to Emancipation Proclamation, from segregation to the Civil Rights Act and 15th Amendment, African Americans’ social status was changing positively when they were freed from the title of slave and were widely accepted by other races. Although their life has definitely improved dramatically in the past decades, but they never really achieved the main purpose of the Civil Rights Movement, gaining racial equality between whites and blacks. Writer Richard Wright was born after the Civil War but before the Civil Rights Movement. If he were to write a book named Black Boy about an African American boy growing up in the United States today, he will write about the racial significance of Barack Obama’s election, comparing the unequal household wealth of average white and black families and negative effect of racial profiling. The improvement of African American’s life is mainly showed in their changes in jobs and positions. From slaves in 1850s to unskilled factory workers in 1950s, to educated white collars and business owners in 1990s, and to the president of United States of America in 2008. The election of Barack Obama in 2008 marked a significant turning point in black history. In the article “ What Obama’s Election Really Means to Black America” by Steven Gray, Gray describes Obama’s election as an “ extraordinary step toward the redemption of America’s original 400-year-old sin”. He claims that Obama’s election not only makes the blacks proud and…

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