Racial Segregation And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

1222 Words Mar 21st, 2016 5 Pages
Racism has always been the most highly discussed issue in society. America continues to encounter and face many racial problems from the Civil Rights movement until now. Dalton Conley (2011) discusses Social Darwinism and how it was the notion that "some groups or races had evolved more than others and were better fit to survive and even rule other races". The cultural relativism should be promoted to help people understand that no race is superior or better than another. However, many believe that black people will never gain full equality in America regardless of the many improvements. The demand to shut out the racial past is not a new attitude for many Americans, often times, these racial categories were ranked in order of superiority, mostly Anglo-Saxon being at the top. This was a common want among whites after the American Revolution as they struggled to reconcile their new found freedoms with the institution of slavery. But when it comes to addressing issues of race today, history is critical because our current race relations are deeply embedded in our history. For me, coming to terms with our history is essential if we are to move toward becoming a more racially "just" society. In addition, any attempt by those who are white to deal with issues of white identity must be grounded in an understanding of how white identity came to be shaped and superior over the past four hundred years. Which begs the question, what causes white people to believe they are superior…

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