Racial Segregation And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

1434 Words Nov 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Relationships between blacks and whites in America has always been strained due to racial reasons. There have been times in America’s history were unfavorable events from both races have occurred. These factors have led to distrust between the two races. Racial injustice in the United States like slavery and Jim Crow laws has further created a divided in the American nation. Today the Civil rights movement has transcended into the Black Lives Matter Movement, and just like the movement, blacks have now adjusted to their treatment in America. Due to constant brutality, noticeable racism in politics, and threatened income, blacks has to resort to violence.
Over the years, black nonviolent protest has resulted in only the loss of lives in the black community. Looking back to Civil Rights leaders, advocates of nonviolent protest, have fallen victim themselves. Martin Luther King was a firm believer that in order for black to achieve equality than the best way to go about it is nonviolence in order to peacefully protest for basic human rights of equality and freedom. Malcolm X, another major influential leader of the time, changed his view to where he believed that nonviolent protest were the best. Unfortunately for both these leaders they we met with untimely deaths. These two were not the only ones to meet an early demise as stated by Francis Shor “.., the most visible protests that galvanized the civil rights agenda of the movement can be traced to a number of incidents of…

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