Essay about Racial Segregation And The African American Community

1342 Words Nov 23rd, 2016 6 Pages
Over the past few years, racial constructs have been one of the most intensely analyzed entities. White framing, systemic denial of racism, promulgating the virtuosity of whiteness, and other factors have played a key role in facilitating the growth of these constructs from pre-colonial times until today. The study of these concepts over the past semester has proved to be valuable in not only understanding White supremacy but combatting it properly. Specifically, White supremacy justifies discriminatory actions which lead to poverty, miseducation of youth, and over criminalization. It will be argued that collective economics and politics in the African-American community will reduce, and even begin to reverse the effects of White supremacy, by specifically replacing the entities that reinforce it. The specific demographic in question will be African-American women and men, between the ages of 18-35. Since 2013, African-American households have consistently made 70% less than White, non-Hispanic households as well as double to the proportion of people considered to be living at or below the poverty line (Unites States Census Bureau 2014). Chronic economic conditions such as these in any area will lead to a reduction in private investment, increased flight of the middle class, and eventually impoverished neighborhoods. Although there has been much speculation as to how these communities have become what they are, few theories have much empirical evidence, if any at all.…

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