Essay on Racial Racism : Racial America

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Post-racial America, That’s Funny.
Has racism in America disappeared ever since Barack Obama received presidency in 2012? Many people have come to the conclusion that racism would diminish electing a black president. Giving a black man, somebody who can relate to racism and discrimination, the power to run the country gave opportunities for problems regarding race to be solved. Instead, racism seems to continue to ravish. People would like to believe that America is post-racial, but America has yet to reach that point. There are many issues that America still needs to overcome before ever being considered “Post-Racial”. One of the biggest on-going issues relating to racism right now is police brutality. Americans hear it in the news, see it on the streets, or have experienced it first-hand. Police brutality relates to race because minorities tend to be more likely for police officers to act in misconduct ways towards them such as, abuse, intimidation, false arrest, and mostly incorrect use of force or weapons. There’s a huge movement going on in America right now known as the “Black Lives Matter” movement. It erupted due to the many recent killings of African Americans. Article, “When Race Disappears” by Theo Goldberg, talks about a well-known police brutality case regarding the death of Trayvon Martin by inappropriate use of police force. Trayvon Martin was a young African American boy who was fatally shot by neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was…

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