Essay about Racial Profiling

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Shawnta Morris
CJE 101-01 Research Paper
October1, 2013
Racial Profiling and the Effects it has on Blacks in the Criminal Justice System.

Some people wonder what is racial profiling. Racial profiling deals with miss-education, slavery, and incarceration. Since the beginning of slavery African Americans have suffered due to their identity. Racial profiling deals with selecting a person for their complaint of a specific racial group. The main reason in advocating racial profiling in the background of criminal study can enlarge the possibility of arresting criminals. Paul Bou-Habib stated, “If the rate at which members of a specific racial group commits a crime is higher than that of other criminals will be caught if the police
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Therefore, blacks had no idea about themselves other than television and through pictures portray by the media. Woodson stated, how “dooming the Negro to a brain-washed acceptance of the inferior role assigned to him by the dominant race, and absorbed by him through his schooling” (Woodson, 1933). The public schools are transforming into prison institution whereas the teachers are becoming the police officers. According to KAMR, a school in Texas called Canadian Independent School District came to conclusion to allow qualified teachers to carry guns in school. Again I would argue how the school system is transforming into a prison industry. Nowadays schools have been issued metal detectors, excessive cameras and clear book bags to verify that there is no weapons nor drugs inside them. According to Peter Gray, John Jay High and Anson Jones Middle School in San Antonio issued ID badges for all students to wear. The media reported that the “badges contain radio frequency chips, which allow school officials to monitor the kids’ movements anywhere in the school building or on school grounds” (Gray, 2012). Also in 2010, the Lower Merion School District in Pennsylvania started viewing students at their house and in school with spyware implanted into school-issued laptops.
Slavery has a correlation with the prison institution. Slavery dealt with capitalism, physical control, and cruelty. Racial injustice affects the young minorities in today’s society. I’ve came to

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