Racial Profiling : Obama, Gates And The American Black Man Essay

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Change comes from Hope:
Racial Profiling in Loury’s “Obama, Gates and the American Black Man”
Racism in the form of racial profiling is still evident today. Racial Profiling is judging individuals based on their ethnic group. The renowned author Glenn C. Loury, writes in his work “Obama, Gates and the American Black Man,” about how Black American men are treated in society and how elite members in the United States react and attempt to mend the problem of racial profiling. The overall argument in Loury’s work is that racial profiling exists and needs to be eradicated. If racial profiling was eradicated then the mistreatment of Black American men would decrease while their impact towards society would exponentially increase. “Obama, Gates and the American Black Man” is a very well written work where Loury used the persuasive techniques of ethos, pathos, and logos, and the Logical Fallacies among them to share instances of mistreatment and how society responds to the mistreatment of Black men.
To begin with, Loury uses ethos to criticize the character of elite members of society and to establish his personal creditability on racial profiling. Continually, Criticism is often seen in the negative context however criticism can so be positive. The first person Loury criticizes is Attorney General Eric Holder. General Holder is “the nation’s leading law enforcement officer” (Loury 248). Being the leading law enforcement officer and also being an African-American man gives him…

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