Essay on Racial Profiling Is Wrong Or Wrong?

702 Words Nov 3rd, 2015 3 Pages
Another serious form of misconduct, also one of the most controversial, is racial profiling. There are endless examples of racial profiling by police, the most popular being that of Rodney King, a black man who was brutally beaten on tape by several police officers. It has been found through research and surveys that minorities hold a much more negative view towards police and that police hold a negative view towards minorities. It has recently been debated that police use race as a basis for stopping, questioning, and searching citizens. However, the public might believe that racial profiling is worse than it actually is due to the way the media portrays it. A study was conducted to determine the public’s perception of an event that was initially classified as racial profiling by the media but developed over a couple months. The incident was that a white officer pulled over an African American driver who exited the car and identified himself and was then told to get back in the car by the police officer while using profanity. The driver repeated his identity several times until the officer pulled out his gun and pointed it in the driver’s face. African American officials were infuriated with the incident and the media continued to cover the story for an additional two months after the incident. The test subjects went over the stories in this time period, both the police reports and the media articles, and were then asked to express their thoughts of police racial profiling.…

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