Racial Profiling Is Where Law Enforcement Uses A Person Race Essay

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Racial Profiling is where law enforcement uses a person race as the main factor in deciding rather or not to arrest them, pull them over, detain them, etc. (Regoli, R., Hewitt, J., & Delisi, M., 2014). In the recent past there have been several instances where possible racial profiling took a bad turn and ended in death a public uproar. On Saturday August 11th, Michael Brown a black teen was killed by a police officer (Chuck, 2014). Brown had no gun, was not violating any major laws (except walking in the street), he was not threatening the officer’s life, and yet the child was shot dead by the officer. Philando Castile a nutrition supervisor for the school district in Falcon Heights, Minnesota was shot a killed by a police officer in his car, while his girlfriend recorded the event for Facebook (McLaughlin, 2016). The video which I tearfully watched is unbelievable, almost like something you would see on some made up TV show. The victim was reaching for his wallet for his ID after the officer requested him to do so, the officer was told that Castile had a gun for which he had a legal permit to carry. Castile was shot in the front seat 4 times, with a small child in the back seat none the less. Stories like these are becoming very common. The communities which are being effected are in an uproar. Groups like Black Lives Matter have been formed to try to get the word out that the violence needs to stop. Individuals are holding large community protests against the racial…

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