Racial Profiling Is Still A Serious Problem Essay example

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Racial profiling refers to law enforcement officers made solely on the basis of race behavior. Racial profiling based on race, and a cross-sectional drawing is based on the behavior of the offender. The need to eliminate the practice of racial profiling to make practical suggestions. Each region of the world the phenomenon of racial profiling exists. Racial profiling statistics are very important to help determine the severity of the problem, the general trend as well as the best way to combat this phenomenon method can.
Washington Venable LLP partner Robert L. Wilkins, introduced the situation of law enforcement agencies impunity and accountability system in the United States of America against the department in terms of racial profiling. He said that although some improvements in certain aspects, but racial profiling is still a serious problem in the United States. Mr. Wilkins highlighted the problem of stop and search vehicles. He described the first incident of racial profiling that he and his family had experienced, and his family filed the case to law enforcement agencies litigation. Then, he proposed that the successful implementation of his actions must have the elements of accountability. In his view, a successful strategy includes three main elements: First, we must make concerted efforts to make citizens, political leaders and law enforcement officers pay attention to the issue of racial profiling; secondly, it is necessary to carry out the data collection;…

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