Racial Profiling : How Institutions Hold Back African Americans

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According to some very knowledgeable sources many Americans believe it is time for a change. It is time to put a stop to racial profiling in America. No longer is this an African American, Caucasian, or Hispanic concern this is a global issue. Based off of research this will not be a quick fix, simply because many civilians are unaware they are racially profiling people. Congress can put laws in place banning racial profiling, but in the end it is up the individual if they willing to change. Donald Tomaskovic-devey, and Patria Warren are the authors of an article titled “Explaining and Eliminating Racial Profiling.” Tomaskovic and Warren, discovered the root of racial profiling, and offered up solutions to stop the racial profiling. As result, of racial profiling in America racial inequality now exists. Author Frederick Harris, and Robert Lieberman voice their opinion in an article titled “Racial Inequality After Racism: How Institutions Hold Back African Americans.” The purpose was to spotlight issues African Americans and other minorities face daily. The unknown artist of the following image took nine people, and had them take a stand against racial profiling. Explaining and Eliminating Racial Profiling, breaks down the history of racial profiling, and how it has effected today’s society. Racial Inequality After Racism examines the gap between American ideals of liberty and equality. The artwork spotlight racial stereo types that different ethnic group deal with.

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