Racial Profiling Code

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Cracking The Racial Profiling Code
Racial profiling can be defined many ways, but ALCU.org defines it as “the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual’s race, ethnicity, religion or national origin”. Simply put, racial profiling is when one suspects a person of an act solely based on their race. This practice dates back hundreds of years, however it has become so prominent in recent years that it is now considered a major issue. This is not without good reason though, racial profiling historically causes both short and long term effects that can be detrimental to both an individual and their families as well as to a society 's culture.
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Yes, every group has its bad apple, and in today’s world it seems that is enough for a person to form a solid opinion. A common label for young African American males is the term “Thug” and is quickly becoming used as a go to word for describing African Americans. This certain problem is becoming so severe that some taxi companies tell their drivers not to pick up African American males, again this is racial profiling, the man could be an outstanding citizen but is profiled as a “Thug”(Gale). However, labeling is not only limited to African Americans, due to the past decade of war with numerous Arab countries, Americans have made fools of themselves labeling every person of Arab ethnicity a terrorist. American airports have become the worst of this, by performing, “Random Checks”, on fliers with a great portion of them being Arab(Gale). To add to the ever growing profiling, a racial profiling document on galegroup.com claims that “Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) agents have been accused of targeting certain races or ethnicities for undocumented labor violations. INS agents have held workplace raids at companies that employ large numbers of Latinos or Asians—especially those who do not speak English—mostly in hopes of catching illegal immigrants.” As one can see, racial profiling is in almost every sector of America

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