Essay on Racial Profiling And The United States

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A young girl whose parents moved to the United States, she was excited and nervous at the same time. As time passed, the parents noticed the young girl was being different and distant, a couple of days passed, and the parents noticed their daughter was being aggressively disturbed by anything, the parents were worried and decided to talk to her. The young girl couldn’t take it any longer and told her parents that kids treated her differently, because of where she’s from, and that she felt inferior and hurt she was a minority, and she felt somehow sorry of who she was. Racial profiling is a way of racism, and is used against people who have different ethnicity, religion, race, and where they’re from. America is still a racial profiling country, and is time to evolve from this problem. Racial profiling is punishment for the people who are different, and racial profiling doesn’t work, and separation in humanity, also how it mentally damages victims.
“ACLU investigated police data that shows 73% of the suspects pulled over, in 1-95 in 1995-1997 African Americans were less likely to have drugs and guns. 70% of drugs users were white, 1% were African Americans, and 8% were Latinos.” (Head) Racial profiling doesn’t work because it shows that even though the system is corrupted people are still innocent. It shows how racial profiling is a big problem, how the law is used in a corrupted way. “The hardest thing about advocating reform of racial profiling practices, at a policy level,…

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