Essay about Racial Profiling And The Law Enforcement Profession

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Racial profiling does exist among the law enforcement profession. It is wrong and should be corrected. Racial profiling has been around since the beginning of time but as cases seem to get worse, America seems to become more aware. With tragic events happening day after day, the madness seems never ending. “Black Americans killed by police are twice as likely to be unarmed as white people.” (The Guardian pg.1). People with similar views sit around and wonder why these tragic events happen to innocent people, who are said to have the wrong skin color. It is like saying, “since this person is white, they are not guilty.” How sad is that to think about?
Freddie Gray, a name well known by the world. “He was arrested after catching the eye of a police officer and running away.” (Guardian pg. 2). Freddie Gray was killed in the back of a police van, Gray was in cuffs and was shackled to the floor of the van. The police officers thought it would be funny to drive recklessly to the point of Freddie’s death. Six officers were criminally charged, charges even include murder. (The Guardian pg. 1). Society continues to believe that treatment was human, and that nothing is wrong with that. April 25, 2015 the day the Baltimore Riots started. Baltimore was not just for giggles, it was people fighting for a cause. Rioters were beaten down and killed by policemen just for fighting for what would seem to be equality.
According to the Washington Post, “A year after Michael…

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