Racial Profiling And The Criminal Justice System Essay

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In the Race, ethnicity, and the criminal justice system , Rosich establishes how race comes into action when dealing with the criminal justice system. There are multiple things that occur within the criminal justice system when pertaining to minorities. The author presents and critiques the devastating relationship between police and minorities. Also, while discussing racial profiling and the contrasting prison procedures minorities’ encounter. One general racial separation that was provided with the criminal justice system is police brutality with minorities. An event that happened to start police brutality is the Rodney King beating. The Rodney King beating took place in California. Four cops that participated in the beating and were not penalized for their actions. “Many police departments began to adopt “defense of life rules ‘that have significantly changed their record of deadly police assaults’ (Tennessee v Garner (471 U.S 1 [1985]). When the African American community heard the verdict saying the four officers would not have any penalty; they rioted and... The brutality got worst. Rosich mentions racial profiling in this article as well. Racial profiling is when a person is searched or harassed because of their race or ethnicity. Studies show that an African American male or female is more likely to be stopped and frisk than any other race. For example, a black person could walk into an expensive high end store and the police will…

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