Racial Profiling And The Civil Rights Movement Essay

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The United States is said to be the land of the free for all people, no matter who you are. Even though that is said to be the case, there are still many problems with racial profiling between the African American people and the police community. This has been a major dilemma since the Civil Rights Movement. In this paper, I will connect the 4 stages of conflict emergence, Identity, Grievance, Contentious Goals, and Redress, to the injustice of police brutality and then apply a source of power to each conflict emergence. The first conflict emergence is identity. The identity of each group is the most significant point in the problem between the police community and minorities. As described in our previous readings, each has a negative view of each other’s morals and mindset, which causes serious tension. The police see themselves as getting rid of the criminals that are a nuisance to the community, while the African American community sees the police actions as a state of racial profiling and unfairness. In some instances, the African American community sees their society’s illegal actions as rational because of the government system they were born into. It seems that because of their color, the system has posted the poor to stay poor. Because of this view, the solution is to enter into illegal acts to receive what is needed to survive.
There are two types of identities that the characters in this conflict possess. That is achieved identity and ascribed identity. The one…

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