Racial Profiling And Racial Segregation Essay

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Racial profiling also termed, as racial segregation is a form of discrimination targeting a person because of individual’s race, religion, ethnicity or origin. Racial profiling is demonstrated by law enforcement officers who suspects criminals basing on their race, ethnicity, or other biases. An illustration of racial profiling is the utilization of race to determine the drivers to be stopped because of petty traffic offenses. In short, racial profiling is evident when police rely on race, descent, ethnicity or national origin to subject one to an investigation or to gauge if an individual took part in any criminal activity.
Ideally, global data demonstrate that racial segregation is a global issue, and it is against the human rights to practice racial profiling. According to the studies conducted by the government of Britain in 1998, it was evident that racial and ethnic profiling existed even in other countries such as Wales and England (Ball, p.98).
Statistics on racial profiling
Basing on national surveys, most Americans, irrespective of their races, accept racial profiling to be a social problem. Gallup Poll indicates that sixty percent of the citizens in the United States agree that police practice racial profiling thirty percent disapproved the act. Among adults, fifty-nine percent concurred that racial segregation is widespread.
However, when the responses were compared according to race, it was found out that approximately sixty percent of the Whites declared racial…

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