Racial Profiling And Its Effects On The United States Essay

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Destiny Flores
19 October, 2015
Eng. 102 SB-1070 SB-1070 was passed in 2010 by Arizona which allowed for Officials to stop and ask if
Any individual who they deemed as suspicious, to provide legal documentation of US Citizen.
The suspicion could be from simply just looking "Illegal". I want to talk about how that is wrong
For people who actually are Citizens but are basically being discriminated against because they
Fit the "typical profiling". The law itself was apparently made because of the prison system
However, I want to prove it is a form of Prejudice from those who have Mexican descent.
Therefore, SB-1070 Should be deemed as unconstitutional because it is a form of racial profiling
And is breaking the Discrimination act in which infringes on the Rights of US Citizens. It is understandable that immigration has increased over the past few decades along with
The rate of crime however, it does not mean that every Mexican is from Mexico or that they
Are a criminal. Multiple journalists have done analytical reviews on the SB-1070 law in which
Talk about how the law is targeted the Mexican community. In the article titled Racism and
Power, there is reference to the core subject of the law which states, "Where reasonable
Suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the United States, a
Reasonable attempt shall be made . . . to determine the immigration status of the person. . . . A

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