Racial Profiling And Gender Profiling Essay

1059 Words Nov 17th, 2014 null Page
Racial profiling is singling out an individual because of one 's race, colour or religion. The police does majority of racial profiling because of the training they have received from their seniors of who is “good or bad” in the society and who are the ones that are most likely to cause problems. They are expected, not just by the public but also the government to keep peace and the streets safer for everyone. However, this power is often misused against racial minorities and this can often become problematic. Historically, people in positions of power have also looked down and oppressed people of colour, and similar things persist in today 's society. Therefore, this essay will discuss how racial profiling in policing is problematic because from all the data and statistics police have collected from traffic stops or carding, it shows that black people are more likely to get questioned. It will also look at the Jane-Finch area as a specific example where racial profiling occurs and show that it wrongly happens. By looking at the Jane-Finch area, this essay will also look at some of the other factors in why the area is poor and has a bad reputation. Racial profiling has been seen around the world as part of our daily lives. We might not notice it but in one way of another we are involved in judging a certain community by their religion, race or colour. One community that has been the main victim of racial profiling is black community. Black people are not only judged by white…

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