Essay on Racial Prejudice And Racial Discrimination

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Subtle racist is defined as a racial discrimination that is hard to notice. According to Shabbir et al., (2013) found in their study that “subtle racial is bias in which is racism that operates below the threshold of awareness. Subsequently called modern racism, aversive racism, and ambivalent racism, subtle racial bias have become synonymous with covert racism, which refers to ‘‘those subtle and subversive practices, policies and norms utilized to mask structural racial apparatus”. Therefore, subtle racist is being racist discrimination without being noticed. An example of subtle racist is if a Latina woman goes to a store to purchase a fridge, she does not get acknowledged that she is in the store or gets the help right away. The employees behave like if she is not there. A White woman enters the store as she is walking in she gets acknowledge right away. They help the Latina woman first because they are waiting for the white woman to ask for help. Individuals that face subtle racist are Latinos and African Americans. Racism and discrimination are seen without being noticed in counseling. The counselor might have a biased with a client due to their race, ethnicity, sexual orientated and disability and might give the wrong diagnoses because they have a biased and are not welling to get additional background information. According to Moodley (2005) states “Race, together with culture, ethnicity and other issues of diversity are seen as key variables in…

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