Racial Prejudice And Racial Discrimination Essay

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We, as American people, develop negative categorizations of groups because of our environment. The biggest problem that occurs within our society deals with prejudice and racial comments. All people have some sort of prejudice or racial backgrounds starting very early on in life, but they differ from one another. Moreover, it is very hard to racially identify yourself when there are many different views. Often times, people identify themselves by things their parents taught them. This creates a racial problem because the trend is never broke because people teach what they are taught. As a result of prejudice and racism, there are problems with race relations in our society that need to be addressed.
According to Beverly Tatum, prejudice is a preconceived idea or judgment based on minimal information. This is a judgment that can develop starting at a preschool age or whenever a child starts to retain information. Being prejudice is most often found when a person is exposed to misinformation about other people. Consequently, being prejudice is something that happens more often times then not because it starts to come naturally for people that have grown up around it or have watched it through our society. It is said that our society has created an inescapable consequence because of racism.
There are many people who think racism does not exist anymore, but they are wrong. It can be seen through television, online, and in everyday life. For example, there were two students…

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