Essay on Racial Minority And Ethnic Studies

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Students should be required to take courses in minority or ethnic studies as part of all college degrees. The unique value of ethnic studies in colleges and universities is that these studies promote respect and understanding among races, support student success, and teaches critical thinking skills. Ethnic studies by and about racial minority groups presents a different narrative that is shaped partially by histories of oppression in the United States. as well as by the intellectual and cultural resources and traditions of those communities. Ethnic studies evolved from the demands of Black Americans for an education that is relevant and meaningful, that affirms their identities and selfhoods, and that works toward human liberation.

For the most part, United States education is designed for the preservation and spread of cultural heritage and to give students the tools with which to facilitate their participation in society. The Santa Clara University describes their program as “One of the oldest programs of its kind, Ethnic Studies, examines the legacy of racial and ethnic inequalities in the U.S, sources of resistance and transformation, and the contemporary impacts of these changes. (Santa Clara) Ethnic studies are centered on the knowledge and perspectives of an ethnic or racial group, reflecting narratives and points of view rooted in experiences and intellectual studies of that group. Critics will claim that Ethnic studies are commonly described as divisive,…

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