Racial Integration Within Sports Can Influence Other People Watching And Not Just The Athlete

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Another interesting point that Kaliss mentioned in his book is that racial integration in sports can also influence other people watching and not just the athlete playing. Sports in a way can influence the stereotype and the beliefs of others. He mentioned that athletes are able to create a space that temporarily adjourned people’s conviction (Kaliss 174). In a way, when people are engrossed with the play that the athletes show, fans will always cheer them on regardless of the skin color, race or gender. In my primary source, the movie trailer of “Remember the Titans”, we observed a scene where the fans are all cheering for the football team even though the one who scored the point was a black athlete. At that moment, the fans did not consider about the race of the scorer, but the fact that he scored a point for the team. The discrimination and stereotype towards the black athlete was momentarily dispelled magically. My primary source actually proven to be true by Kaliss statement. Influencing people and even alternating the people’s belief was a feat that should really be noticed. Integration of race in a team can surely but slowly lead to the cooperation of all races. Cooperation in a team is the key to the success in any game and also a proof to the accomplishment of the racial integration. But, there is a scene in the primary source that shows violence happened in the team where they fight each other. Many people will actually believe that this scene has nothing…

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