Racial Insensitivity Outline

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Nick Smith
Mr. Kirsten
English 12
12 November 2015
Racial Insensitivity in Bayfield Schools
Thesis: Racial and cultural insensitivity has existed in the Bayfield Schools for a number of years, but was not rightfully acknowledged until valedictorian Victoria Gokee-Rindall’s commencement speech in 2013.

I. Intro
A. thesis
B. introduction of each side
C. purpose statement
II. What is smudging
A. What is it
B. What does it do/why do you do it
C. How does one do it
1. how to
2. when to
3. where to
III. Victoria Gokee-Rindal’s speech
A. What it was about
B. how it affected the students
C. surfacing of racial insensitivity
IV. School regulations that limit cultural activity
A. what are they
B. why are they in place
V. Solution? Nick
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(Charleyboy, 1) It also is done to cleanse an individual’s aura of negative energy. When burned, sage or other sacred herbs have been proven to release negative electrons, and exposure to more negative electrons, scientists believe is linked to a positive mood. (Charleyboy, 1) Generally, smudging is a Native American practice that has been observed throughout history and culture, but other non-Native individuals can also practice the spiritual ritual as well. There are a number of occasions for the art of smudging. This includes when an individual moves to a new home, gets a new job, when guests come over, before and after meditation or a yoga session, after an argument or an illness, or even after returning home from being in a crowded situation. (Maloney, 2) The first step is to acquire the sage or other herb. These can be found in local herb shops, metaphysical stores, and even some yoga and healing art centers. The next step is to to put the dried herbs in a heat-resistant bowl where you can light it until it smokes. Careful not to let it set on fire (as you only need the smoke), you then use your hand or a feather to direct the smoke over your head and body, visualizing all negative energy dissolving with the smoke. Start to move about the room, …show more content…
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