Racial Inequality : White And Black Males Essay

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Not long ago there we’re six passenger that got kicked off a plane due a minor issue. The plane security stated that “the man was being disruptive,” because he refused to get out his seat. The issue occurred the when the airline made the mistake to double book his seat which he had bought tickets in advance. A white flight attendant stated that he was being a threat to the plane and forced them off while five more people vouched to get off to stay united to fight this cause.
Equal success in both white and black males be altered because of race? I believe that in the United States there’s a huge problem with segregation that needs to be resolved. equal success in both white and black males in today’s society. Latinos and black families 102-104,000 dollars on average in a normal household. While white families have an average 125,000+. Here lays a huge issue in the economy between the two races. Blacks are not exposed to the production jobs as they should be.
Secondly, the incarceration numbers are higher in black males than white but the same type of crime is being committed by the same type of perpetrator just a different skin tone.Crime levels where I currently reside in Charlotte, NC at the highest peak difference in incarceration numbers in blacks than in white. Type of crime that involves any race should have the same potential as the other. To make matters worse there is an article that explains how one in three black man will go to prison in their lifetime.According…

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