Racial Inequality Of African American Women At The Workplace Essay examples

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There is substantial evidence of racial and gender disparity in the economy of America. This inequality is actually caused by discriminatory treatment that exists in the labor market. It is however important to define the term discrimination at the first place to have a greater understanding of discrimination of African American women at the workplace. The word discrimination according to the simpler definition refers to the treatment of people on the basis of race and ethnicity that is unequal in nature. Differentially treatment is said to occur when it is seen that individuals are treated unequally on the basis of their race. Disparate impact on the other hand is said to occur when persons are treated equally based on a set of rules and procedures but the later is designed in a manner that members of certain particular group are favored over the other. This second aspect of discrimination actually broadens the scope of racial discrimination as in this case there is no explicit racial content or in other hand there is no overt racial discrimination but these procedures or rules actually produce or reinforce racial discrimination. In order to provide equal opportunities for people the federal government passed the affirmative action under the administration of Reagan. It was the single most controversial intervention of the government in the labor market since the abolition of slavery. In recent years there have been calls to abolish the policy. On side it is said that…

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