Racial Inequality By Langston Hughes, An African American Poet Front The Harlem Renaissance

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From the beginning of time, inequality has been a necessity in the differentiation of one person from another. Whether in the Indian Hindu Caste System thousands of years ago or the segregation of blacks and whites in America 50 years ago; inequality has always separated classes. Langston Hughes, an African American poet front the Harlem Renaissance writes mostly about racial inequality in the poem “Let America Be America Again.” This work is about how all immigrants who come to America in pursuit of the American Dream quickly realize that the actions necessary to achieve their dreams and liberate themselves from the inequality that is natives and immigrants are far more demanding than the chains that previously bound them in other countries. Slightly fewer than 100 years ago, the Harlem Renaissance was a time of major income inequality between classes and sexes. Though, for the most part, racial inequality is a thing of the past, history holds true in the sense that within cultures, when one form of inequality is eradicated or alleviated, another form takes over. In America, sex inequality always existed between men and women. Audre Lorde writes in her essay “The Master’s Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master’s House” about not only inequality between men and women, but also between gay and straight men and women. Fortunately sex inequality has been proved to be less popular lately, however as previously mentioned, when one goes out another must come in. Lately,…

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