Racial Inequality And Racial Equality Essay

1319 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
A world is made up of different elements: water, earth, and life. Elements that define a human’s life. These elements also create a certain equality in humanity which spreads peace across the lands. In present day, there is a large issue circulating across the nation, and that is racial inequality. Even though this particular issue has been present for an abundance amount of time; the only difference between racial inequality in the twentieth-century United States and in the present is that slavery is no longer present. Yet, racial inequality is still hugely impactful in the United States today. Although it’s difficult, it’s possible to attain racial equality in the great nation. What’s the definition of racial equality? In the general public, racial equality is defined as having an equal amount of respect for different races. Instead of ignoring racial differences that people have, one could learn how to respect them. This comes from the saying, “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Likewise, prejudices would always exist. So instead of focusing on judgement, one should focus on acceptance, and the key to that is respect. Racial equality may be far ahead, but it can become a reality. When one has respect for the different physical appearances, cultures, or even manners that they cannot comprehend, one would usually either ignore it or make an attempt to understand them. A person who usually does the latter would then come to realization that another person…

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