Racial Inequality And Gender Inequality Essay example

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Racial Inequality Throughout the history of the United States, racial inequality continues to be an issue in our society. Most of every race had come a long way from fighting to gain equality. The society today has definitely improved, but there is still racial inequality within today. Racial inequality is imbalance of opportunities and treatments that occur based off someone’s race. There are many explanations on why racial inequality exists and the film Do the Right Thing shows various ways of why racial inequality exists and sociological concepts that are analyzed throughout the movie. One way we can look at racial inequality is through agency and structure. Agency is the social practices of individuals. In other words, agency is the ability for people to make choices in certain situations. Structures are things that narrow or help enable those choices. The more we do the same agency in a given structure the more the structure stays the same. The more we do a different agency in given structure the more the structure can change. This is why agency and structure goes hand to hand and this is the idea of structuration that was put together by Anthony Giddens. In the film, Do the Right Thing shows these racial structures that created an environment that made it exist in the first place. The African Americans, Hispanics, Koreans, and Italian Americans were categorized in their society. They have many of different cultures mixed in small neighborhood. Mookie, who was the…

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