Racial Inequality And Classism

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Thomas Jefferson penned one of the most famous documents in United States History: the Declaration of Independence. Separation from the oppression caused by Great Britain was definitely a relief to the new inhabitants of the New World. Within that document lied a phrase that liberated many people when it came to how the New World was ran: all men are created equal. However, even before the Declaration of Independence was drafted in 1776, that statement failed to be upheld. In 1619, a Dutch man brought twenty Africans to the New World, beginning slavery. Although there were not many Africans working as slaves, Native Americans were still being subjected to the captivity and labor. What was not seen as such a grand issue then began to escalate, …show more content…
However, these issues of racial inequality and classism are still prominent in today’s society which is nearly half a century later than the end of the Civil Rights Era. The conversations surrounding racial inequality and classism towards African Americans and its impact on American democracy have yet to come to an end. There has only been one major beacon of hope for equality for African Americans in democracy and that came in the 2008 presidential election where Barack Obama became the first African American president. Although there have been other African Americans who have held a position in the United States government, they are still outweighed by the significantly large number of whites that hold a position in office. From the beginning of the Democratic primary campaign, it was more likely that Hillary Clinton, a white woman, would have had a better chance to become the president of the United States than an African American man. During the actual campaign for presidency, President Obama endured many obstacles. First, people were disgusted that an African American man had the opportunity to become the most powerful man in the United States. Second, people questioned whether or not he was actually African American because he was not as dark as most African Americans. They brought up that his mother was white, however they ignored the fact that it was revealed that she may have been a descendant of African slave John Punch (Ancestry.com). Third, people questioned President Obama’s birthplace, stating that he was not born in Hawaii and he was indirectly forced to present his birth certificate to end the rumors. At the time, Governor Abercrombie suggested that there was a possibility that records of President Obama’s birth may not have existed (Kreep). Throughout the campaign, there were death threats and other frightening messages directed to the Obama family. Once it was

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