Racial Inequality : A Social Problem Essay

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Racial inequality is currently one of the biggest social problems that plagues the United States and has been for most of our nation’s history. Some inequalities of the past have been phased out, segregation, racist laws, and various forms of discrimination, for example, but many inequalities either still persist or appear to be making a resurgence. Racial inequalities of today do not share many of the same extremes of the days of old, but rather we see limited job opportunities, limited educational opportunities, police killings of minorities, and the increasing hatred of those who voice their opinion on the matter. In order to better understand the impact that race has on many of life’s aspects, I will attempt to analyze how racial inequalities has progressed over time and how it is still relevant today.
Tabb (1971) addressed in his journal entry the two perspectives, one of which is in regards to the view of the ghetto as a colonial holding. The other perspective addressed in Tabb’s journal entry addresses the black minority as a marginal working class. The second perspective, the one dealing with a marginal working class, draws from the Marxist, or conflict, theory in the sense that the black minority is treated as an underclass when compared to their white counterpart. The first perspective views the ghetto as a colonial holding in the respect that the denizens are “ruled” by the white majority and policies are imposed in order to keep those who reside there as…

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