Implications Of LUCY

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Lucy the character is additionally outwardly connected with Lucy the female primate (human progenitor) that experienced 3.2 million years back on earth. The fossilized Lucy was found in Africa in the nation of Ethiopia in 1974. In the climactic scene were the White female Lucy extends her hand to touch the finger of the living Lucy primate in a shot that reviews Michelangelo's 'Formation of Adam' subtle element from the roof of the Sistine Chapel- such a minute holds in suspension the topic of racial cosmology even as it highlights the distinctions in skin appearance between the lily-white on-screen character Scarlett Johansson as Lucy and the vigorously made up, digitized and dull composition of the Lucy primate. Additionally, the film goes back in time demonstrating the making of the earth, the moon, worlds and the distance back to the huge explosion yet the film never figures out how to allude to the genesis of racial refinements and stratification among the human specie
LUCY is only one of three recent films by established White auteurs whose central scientific theme is the creation Man, his world and the universe that avoids race, even as the films themselves
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Concerning the first human "designers" in PROMETHEUS the maintained musculature of their bodies and facial qualities stresses the White racial and stylish attributes of a Greco-Roman figure. There is no doubt that the human source story inside PROMETHEUS avoids non-white individuals for the purpose of fictional individuals without

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