Racial Identity : White And The Word ' Rich ' Essay

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When one thinks of white people, they think of preps. They think of shopping, expensive cars, maybe even commercials. Some even think of expensive colleges like Harvard or Rollins. When one thinks of “White”, they associate it with being rich. The reason being is that throughout a person’s life time they are exposed to what society thinks is the meaning of the word ‘rich’. To find this out one must starts by finding out the background on the word ‘white’ and the word ‘rich’. From there they can then piece together the meaning behind this stereotype. To find out the meaning behind the stereotype “all white people are rich” one must travel back to the past, see how it is perpetuated, and how it affects every day thinking.
To start off, one must think what does it mean to be white. Dartmouth says that “[w]hite is one of the most commonly used racial categories to describe some Americans. Skin color is equated with racial identity although numerous other terms […] have been used” ("White?" n.pag. ,para. 1) this lets one know that back in the day, white would only be applied to a person if they were from America. The second sentence in the quote also signals that there were other terms have been used for different skin tones. To further prove the point, “[t]hese terms are not identical, emphasizing other characteristics such as language, descent, geography, etc. The differences are revealing showing how American chose to define their racial identity at different times in…

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