Racial Identity, Misrepresentation And African American Culture

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Racial Identity, Misrepresentation and African American Culture In this story, Stephen Balkaran criticizes the United States racial structure and the way people approach the issue of racial identity. The article bases its argument on the back of a recent story that involved the current Washington Spokesman for NAACP, Rachel Dolezal. According to the story, Rachel is white, but has been posing as an African American inside an institution that stands to protect the rights of African American individuals and ensure their full integration into the United States society. This has caused a lot of concern within the United States social ranks with stakeholders embodying divided opinions in the issue. One group is not happy with the fact that she is white, but poses as an African American inside an organization that champions for equality, social justice and African American culture. Anoth-er group takes quite a different dimension in the matter and chooses not to look at her racial identity, but her accomplishments at NAACP. The story stays with the group that seems out-raged with this revelation, because it points out the fact that a huge segment of the United States social order does not acknowledge racism as something that is wrong and do not ap-preciate the struggle that African Americans had to endure in order to attain a certain degree of racial freedom in the United States.
The story frames its arguments in a number of ways. The one technique that is domi-nantly employed…

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