Racial Equality And Justice By Kevin Boyle Essays

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African-Americans endured several additional decades of heavy oppression and discrimination even after slavery had already been abolished post-civil war. The Jim Crow laws, which gave African-Americans obvious disadvantage in almost every way possible in the society, were in effect until 1965. These de jure racial segregation laws were put to an end after numerous protests and court cases that slowly showed the country that these laws were barbaric and inhumane. The Arc of Justice written by Kevin Boyle thoroughly explains one of the major court cases that helped America to move one step forward into reaching racial equality and justice. The Sweet trials were a triumph because the Congress passed a federal legislation banning residential segregation as a result of these court trials.
Ossian Sweet was not a typical African-American man that people could see often in the 1920s. He was an educated, well off, professional man who worked his way up from a poor family. Buying an expensive house on Garland Avenue, where all the whites lived, was a monumental moment for him. Although he deserved to enjoy living in a fine house with Gladys, his wife whom he loved very much, he had to remain alert every night to make sure that his family and house were not attacked by the white neighbors. When Sweet’s neighbors found out that a colored family was moving into their neighborhood, they were outraged and fearful of the consequences. They simply could not stand the fact that their…

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