The African-American Dream

American Dream: the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to every American ( In the United States ' Declaration of Independence, the Founding Fathers announced "that all Men are created equal" (Jefferson) yet in society, there is a presence of inequality and prejudice in the social hierarchy. As the draftsman of the Declaration of Independence and one of the four Founding Fathers of the United States, Thomas Jefferson dreamt of a nation built upon equality and righteousness amongst its people. In the twentieth century, another leader named Martin Luther King Jr. hoped for a future of racial equality due to the racial segregation and oppression African-Americans experienced. Jefferson and King both …show more content…
Over the course of progression, African-Americans were able to attain freedom and equality gradually; however, during the twentieth century, black citizens were denied the equal access to public services and utilities. An African-American known by the name of Martin Luther King Jr. arose from the violent protests and advocated for peaceful movements during the times of segregation and limitations that suppressed African-Americans their Civil Rights. His famous speech, "I Have A Dream" describes the wishes that he has for the current and future America. King delivered the speech in hope for the day where white and black men can be united and stand side by side as equal beings. King convey, "This offense we share mounted to storm the battlements of injustice must be carried forth by a biracial army. We cannot walk alone." (King 385). Dr. King states that the fight for African-Americans ' Civil Rights depends on the cooperation of both the black and white race. Despite Jefferson 's statement, "all Men are created equal," injustice and prejudice still exist towards groups of minorities. King hopes to the day where the state of Alabama and its vicious racists can change its view on racial matters and where black and white children can play together hand in hand as sisters and brothers (King 386). A time where all are truly seen and treated as equal beings regardless of their race and age. King 's American Dream is similar to that of Jefferson for they both wish for equality and rights to each and every group of Americans. The differences between Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King Jr. are that of race, time, and environmental issues. Jefferson was a white male which dominates the social hierarchy and class of America. Meanwhile, King was a man of the minority oppressed from the limitations and dealt with suffering from those of

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