Racial Dramatification In Remember The Titans

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Released in 2000 and produced by Walt Disney Pictures (and Jerry Bruckheimer Films), Remember the Titans is a sports film dramatization of the true story of Coach Herman Boone, who was an integral part of the 1971 integration of T.C. Williams High School (and consequently, its football program). Naturally (due both to the close proximity to the Civil Rights movement, and to the setting of Virginia), this was a highly controversial change that was met with opposition both externally from the community, and internally, from both black and white athletes. Nonetheless, the film portrays the athletes coming together as brothers, and uniting not only as state champions, but as examples for the rest of their community to tear down barriers of racial hatred.
While the foundation of the story is based in reality (as are many of
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Scenes like Coach Boone’s home being vandalized, and black students being ostracized at school with both physical and verbal violence aren’t shied away from. And the plight of the black characters are shown in various different ways that refrain from needlessly deifying or demonizing anyone. One example is when Petey, Sunshine, and Blue enter a diner, only to be thrown out. Sunshine’s ignorance is subtlety shown to be rooted not in hatred, but in his white privilege. Another example is the contrast between Coach Boone and Coach Yoast’s coaching styles. Boone is portrayed as an often harsh and callous leader, but his style is also justified by his knowing how resilient young black men need to be. Yoast is shown as the more compassionate between the two, but his coddling of the players (especially the black ones) is called out as

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