Essay on Racial Division And Its Effects On The Society

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Furthermore, Latino media in America also has a strong influence over how populations are perceived in a society. In “Closing the Telenovela’s Borders: Vivo por Elena’s Tidy Nation,” scholar Adriana Estill analyses Latino telenovelas as a platform where “nationality, nationalism, and Nation are produced and reproduced” (Estill 75). Through government involvement and censorship, telenovelas can create “an ideal space where the ideal citizen is constructed and disseminated” (Estill 85). Racial division is present in telenovelas when the lower class Latino characters have noticeable indigenous or mestizo features, while the rich characters and protagonists are represented by White actors (Estill 81). Estill primarily bases her research on the telenovela Vivo por Elena, where an Afro-Latino plays the leader of the local pandilla, or gang, and he is teasingly nicknamed “el güero.” In this case it is noticed that these darker-skinned Latino people are given the racial archetype where dark skin becomes a signifier for dark behavior, as they are seen as the enemies in the marginal community where they intimidate the White population. This creation and recreation of an imagined Latino community allows this media of a television show to sell the racialized Latino identity to other cultures (Estill 85).
Oversimplifying Latino
Along with having dark skin, other distorted portrayals of Latinos include characters being vulgar, oversexed, and fiery. The article “Latinas in U.S. Media”…

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