Racial Disparities : The U.s. Criminal Justice System Essay

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Racial Disparities in the U.S. Criminal Justice System
African American men are facing hard factors when it comes to law enforcement. Police officers and black male relationships have reached their peak of who is more afraid of the other. Racial disparities have been found in the criminal justice system and to this day are still widespread in pretrial incarceration, stop and frisk, charging, jury selection, arrests, court processing, probation, and incarceration in prison and jails.
One of every three black males born today will go to prison in their lifetime. According to Alfred Blumstein, “80 percent of racial disparity is explained by the greater involvement in crime”(51). According to Michael Tunry, “Only 61 percent of the black incarceration rate is explained by engagement in criminal behavior”(51). African American males’ most visible prosecutions are for drug offenses.The rates are high for incarceration because most males are caught up in the selling of contraband. The involvement in drug wars are seen in African American men as the steady rise of them ending up in prison and jails estimating from 40,000 to 500,000 in 2010 (Tunry 52). In 2005 African American males’ were 14 percent of persons arrested for that charge. Blacks convicted of a harsher crime receive far more trouble than whites who committed the same crime(54). General law enforcement perform drug policing in communities of color. Racial profiling by law enforcement officials is not seen by all officers…

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