Racial Discrimination Essay

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A Research Paper on Racial Discrimination

Racism takes many forms. In general, it is a belief that a particular race or ethnicity is inferior or superior to others. Racial discrimination involves any act where a person is treated unfairly or vilified because of their race, color, descent, national or ethnic origin. Racism may take the form of stereotyping, name calling or insults, commentary in the media, speeches at public assemblies and abuse on the internet. It can include directly or indirectly excluding people from accessing services, employment, education or sporting activities.

Racism can occur systemically, as the result of policies, conditions and practices that affect a broad group of people.
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An example that relates to color discrimination in the workplace is the employer does not hire anyone darker but hires light-skinned or white persons of all races.

Final type of racism in workplace is language discrimination. Language discrimination means treating someone in a different way only because of his or her native language or further characteristics of speech. An example of language discrimination on the job is when an employee may be subjected to language discrimination if the workplace has speak-English-only rule, especially if her primary language is not English. An employee may also be the victim of language discrimination if she is treated less favorably than other employees because she speaks English with an accent, or if she is told she does not qualify for a position because she does not speak English well enough. But language discrimination doesn’t only happen on the job, a person may be denied access to businesses or government services because he or she does not speak English.

Racial discrimination is everywhere. In the Philippines, we can say that racial discrimination is evident, especially to those who belong to a tribal minority or ethnic groups. Even the media manifested racism, most of the advertisement that can be seen in the television could let us think about racism. Like for example, the commercial about a whitening soap or lotion, they used image models have

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