Racial Discrimination : The United States Essay

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One controversial issue that has been around for centuries is racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is the unfair treatment or bias against someone or a group of people on the basis of their race. Around the 1870s, Jim Crow laws came into effect. These laws emphasized the racial segregation in state and local laws after the Reconstruction period in the United States. Jim Crow laws affected the United States in the biggest way possible by encouraging one race to hate the other and bringing upon the KKK. These are some of the reasons why America is in a state of turmoil as we speak. However, efforts to put an end to racial discrimination have been made for many years and each time one succeeds, the North America seems to become more and more affable. Even though these actions seem to help, it does not last for too long. Racial discrimination can still be found in the following places: work environments, social media, public facilities, schools, films, books, and much more. When it all comes down to it, one cannot simply escape racial slurs, no matter how pleasant, discreet, or intelligent they are. Racial discrimination needs to stop once and for all! One example of where racial discrimination can occur is schools. In 2009, a study was conducted to examine minorities and the educational system (). The method of this survey combined the data collected from U.S. Census and Office of Civil Rights. The data was used to predict the levels of academic grouping in schools…

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