Essay on Racial Discrimination : The Criminal Justice System

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Racial Discrimination
Racial discrimination continues to be scrutinized throughout the criminal justice system. The criminal justice system is constantly being ridiculed about how they treat individuals, especially of color unfairly when it comes to arrests, trials, and punishments. For example, in the case of Konerak Sinthasomphone, one of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims. He was able to escape Dahmer’s apartment, but was severely drugged, tortured, and raped. Police received a call from two African American women. Upon arrival, the officers were informed from the women that he was injured by Dahmer, but the officers refused to listen to them. The officers eventually waived off the medical personnel and helped Dahmer take him back to his apartment. If the officers allowed for medical personnel to examine Sinthasomphone, they would have discovered the holes in his skull created by Dahmer (Pollock, 2011).
Criminologists and sociologists have conducted multiple studies in regards to how blacks and whites are treated by police officers and the court system. One exam was administered by the National Race and Crime Survey (NRCS) at the Survey Research Center at the University of Pittsburgh between October 19, 2000, and March 1, 2001. They conducted a nationwide telephone survey of approximately 600 white and 600 African Americans from 48 states. Thereafter, both groups were read statistics that African Americans are arrested and sent to prison more than Whites. They would read them two…

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