Racial Discrimination / Tensions Is A Real And Papal Principal

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Racial discrimination/tensions is a real and papal principal. Its role in humanities development and history is as commonly seen as the humans in it. Humans inherently notice difference in just about anything. With our increased intelligence we take these differences and deem what they mean in relation world around us. In reality a specific example such as the plight of blacks against whites. History shows us a periods in which blacks were enslaved and degraded. They achieved freedom but continued to live a sub-human life. Culture and society developed in a way in which the norm crushed these people of non-white skin color both physically and mentally. All because we notice difference. This is a world that Malcom X and Sayyid Qutb lived to see and take in to their thought. It forced them to evolve, adapt, and seek answers to this problematic reality. As black man, Malcom, faced this reality (in the US) resulting in stark variations of his life through several events/transitions. Sayyid an Egyptian, who came to the US as well, has had his life inevitably interjected with this racial reality. Both men of very similar time periods (all the while leading very different lives) unknowingly came to the same conclusion. Though on a detailed and meticulous level we find differences in this “epiphany”, one can summarize an overall theme. In a world in which racial tension, segregation, and oppression being a constant, how would one make this reality a distant memory? Malcom and…

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