Racial Discrimination Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Discrimination is everywhere. There is discrimination for everything, from aging to being pregnant, to sexual orientation. One of the biggest types of discrimination is racial. Racial discrimination is one of those things that will take time to go away, if it ever truly does. When saying racial discrimination, most of everyone’s first thought is blacks and whites, but it’s more than that. There’s discrimination between all races, from blacks to whites to Latinos and so on. Looking into different workplaces, classrooms, and even on the streets there is discrimination, whether we mean to have it or not. Getting rid of discrimination, especially racial discrimination, would require changing people’s teachings and ways of thinking. Think about it. If someone grows up watching a grandparent, parent, or someone equally influential speaking ill of another person different from themselves, they will adopt that way of thinking, whether they mean to or not.
Racial Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System The criminal justice system has a wide variety of jobs, from technicians to actual detectives and police officers. Racial discrimination is possible anywhere, even though it is not a good thing to have going on in any place in general. Paul Mirengoff recently wrote an article for Powerline, talking about the Department of Justice’s finding about Baltimore Police Department. The findings were that there is not racial discrimination in the Baltimore Police Department.…

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