Racial Discrimination Is A Controversial Topic Essay

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Racial discrimination is a controversial topic that has effected the world for centuries. Historically, racial discrimination first became truly prominent when Caucasians started claiming people of African descent as property. Today, racial discrimination is portrayed through stereo typical generalizations of people groups such as Hispanics, Middle Eastern people, and several additional races. Racial discrimination is not something that should be should be supported, or celebrated. On the contrary, racial discrimination, of any measure, should be frowned upon and opposed. Racial discrimination should be opposed for the role that it plays in gang violence, hate crimes, mental health, and oppression.
Historically, racial discrimination created an uproar of concern with the treatment and freedom of slaves of all races. The fight against racial discrimination was a battle seeking to liberate the slaves, and grant them equal opportunity. It was thought that by liberating the oppressed African Americans, they might obliterate white supremacy. However, after years of long fought battles against this pressing issue, even after several states had agreed to release their slaves, white supremacy continued to live on. States in the south continued to accept the changing reality, and demanded to keep their slaves. Throughout generations, racial discrimination is something that has been passed down within families.
Today, the world still witnesses racial discrimination as a prominent,…

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