Racial Discrimination In Sports

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Sport in the United States have a very long histories of racial and ethnical rejection. Unfortunately, sport has a lots of racial and ethical issues that causes an inequality, discrimination and diversity. This issues are increased because of emigration that bring people from different race and culture to live together Some racial groups pf people who have their own believes, participate on sport only to precise their race and culture and valuate their potential as athletes. Many people has been identified and evaluated as athletes, coaches, or media, based on their skin color, gender or their ethnic background. Therefore, many group of people suffers disadvantages due to discrimination, those groups are called minorities. For example Mexican …show more content…
Women have been supplementary to men around the world through history. Woman always had to face man ideology and because of that she suffered from prejudice and discrimination. The influence of race and racial ideologies in sport has been and continues to be significant in the United States. (Brown et al., 2005). Women in sport have been always treated as she is coming from different planet, as she is below the standard, and she considered as minority group. Males have access to higher levels of privilege, power and influence than females have. Because of this ideology, men occupy the highest levels of power and influence in greater numbers than women do. “Gender ideology is most effectively maintained when gender categories become embodied aspects of people s’ lives” (Fenstermaker and West, 2002). That is why sport is failing for the gender ideology. The men in our society are symbolized and presented with big mussels and the masculine

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