Racial Discrimination Exposed In Anne Moody's Coming Of Age

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Throughout the history of the United States the struggle between African Americans and whites has always been distinct, from the birth of the nation all the way up to the civil war the enslavement of African Americans had been a way of life. Even after African Americans had secured their freedom they would still be discriminated against through unjust social restrictions, placed upon them by their white superiors. Through these social restrictions the African American people came to see themselves as inferior and helpless compared to the white race, the whites on the other hand believed and propagated the false belief that "white is superior." Through their self-egocentric and retrogressive acts, resources that were meant to be for the benefit of all the American people, were unfairly divided. The whites got the privilege of being superior as the blacks wallowed in poverty and extremely poor living conditions. This would contribute to the mistreatment of the African Americans by the whites. …show more content…
Anne Moody just like Martin Luther King Jr. was an epitome of black might and will power. She struggled against white supremacy to see the discrimination and segregation of her race abolished. In her text “Coming of Age Mississippi” she outlines how she suffers, endures, and counters the issue of white supremacy in the southern part of America, where racism thrived. It had a larger population of whites than blacks and thus the high intensity of the racial problem. However, activists like Anne managed to counter this menace. Within her autobiography “Coming of Age in Mississippi” Anne Moody portrayed the problem of racism, how she and her fellow civil rights activists countered it, how the blacks and the whites perceive their revolutionary actions, and how the federal government participated in promoting this horrendous

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