Essay on Racial Discrimination in America

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Kimberly Stevens
LAW 420
Summer B 2010
MTWR 4:10-5:50
Due Date: August 16, 2010

Racial Discrimination in America

The framers that wrote the Declaration of Independence intended for this country to be founded on the rights of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. To an extent, this has been true, but our country still has a long way to go. Unless American society chooses to change their mindset and their way of thinking, then this country will never advance and there will continue to be racial discrimination in every aspect of our daily lives.

The very existence of a race other than white mocked the validity of a government that guaranteed liberty and justice for the nation’s people (Hurmence, 1984). The
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1). Even as the framers were writing those words, many of them had men, women, and children in chains back at the plantation (Racial Discrimination in the Workplace, 2006-2010, Race Discrimination in the Workplace, para. 1). When President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation in 1865 and when “the 14th Amendment was enacted in 1868, this was supposed to be a means of ensuring that black Americans would be granted a full slate of rights in the era after slavery” (Bai, 2010). It would be many years, if ever, before African Americans would truly be treated as American citizens.
The “equal protection” clause in the 14th Amendment has been used to strengthen and broaden civil rights all over the country, especially in the south (Reader’s Digest, 1971). To a degree this statement is true, but the south especially has a long way to go in the area of racial discrimination. In this day and age the Mexicans and Muslims are now being treated as African Americans once were, and in retrospect still are.
Mexicans have been crossing the U.S. boarders, both legally and illegally, for years. Whether Mexican’s are legal or not, they are all stereotyped as being illegal immigrants. The anti-Mexican immigrant sentiment has caused much controversy. Critics of immigration policy have said that the 14th Amendment now has the effect of

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